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FOIAFreedom Of Information Act
FOIAFriends of Island Academy (educational group)
FOIAFund for Open Information and Accountability, Inc. (New York, NY)
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In the future, the United States government may be in violation of one of its acts, and with the exemption to withhold names, the public may be clueless regarding governmental activities, completely undermining the legislative intent of FOIA.
"FOIA requires that each agency, upon any request for records which (i) reasonably describes such records and (ii) is made in accordance with published rules ...
[section] 552(b)(l)-(9) (1966) (presenting information exempt from release under FOIA).
The issue in this case was the sixth exemption under FOIA which exempts an individual from making a request under FOIA to retrieve health records or other records of an individual, because under FOIA that would be an invasion of privacy.
"When evaluating an agency's invocation of an exemption to FOIA, we 'balance the public interest in disclosure against the interest Congress intended the [ejxemption to protect.'" See United States Dep't of Def.
These human rights and advocacy groups requested information through FOIA from the Department of Defense regarding the names of the foreigners.
In fact, FOIA has been overrun with requests that do not serve its
The sheer volume of FOIA requests alone, however, cannot
In fact, low numbers of news media requesters suggest that FOIA
I documented one significant category of these other FOIA requesters:
(defined as requesters who use FOIA to further profit-making objectives)
FOIA for these purposes: evidence suggests that the information