FOLCFriends of Lafitte Corridor (preservationist group; New Orleans, LA)
FOLCFountain of Life Church (Lombard, IL)
FOLCFan of Lois and Clark
FOLCFriends of Linn County (est. 1997; Oregon)
FOLCFact-Of-Life Change
FOLCFriends of Lane Cove (New South Wales, Australia)
FOLCFriends of Lincoln Castle (Lincolnshire, UK)
FOLCFlash Output Level Compensation (photography)
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Note the vernacular response of the Israelites to this: "fleah faege gast, folc waes genaeged." They read the Beasts according to Anglo-Saxon heroic convention--they collectively lose heart, give up their ghost, as it were (fleah foege gast), because folc waes genaeged (the folk was under attack).
Consequently many of the examples with Crecas or Creca folc deal with episodes of Greek history (28).
In Folc Industrial, action is deferred into various levels: the artist organizes the concert and films the workers; those exit the labor space; the musicians play and interpret a representation of that last scene.
King Salmon (Sightseeing) Cluster (pattern type) Attributes 1 2 3 4 FoIC Annual -2.16 -2.09 4.87 1.43 Spring -6.29 -.01 9.53 1.68 Summer -3.61 -5.05 9.60 2.92 Fall -1.26 -8.12 2.96 5.10 Start day 17.17 -.10 -26.59 -4.34 End day 1.48 -13.23 1.73 6.72 Number of years 17 15 7 24 Anchorage (Skiing) Cluster (pattern type) Attributes 1 2 3 4 FolC Annual 3.84 -3.25 -2.78 -.62 Fall 5.14 -16.09 -5.64 6.64 Winter 6.29 2.67 -7.76 -3.07 Spring 8.48 -6.52 0.98 -6.62 Start day -2.90 14.90 6.41 -9.06 End day 7.78 -6.80 5.38 -8.81 Number of years 19 10 13 21 Weather Elements Affecting MCIT Patterns
remaining granulated sugar, then folc in powdered sugar and pepper.
Skoda India, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has named Lukas Folc as its new Managing Director.
Schulman, When Troubadours were Bishops: The Occitania of Folc of Marseille, 1150-1231 (New York: Routledge, 2001).
The word 'folk' itself has a folk origin inasmuch as it is of Germanic origin and made its way into Old English (as folc) at an early stage, as also did 'lore' (OE lar).
For the uninitiated, the book contains a wealth of information about the early church's efforts to alter, subvert or convert the behaviors of what she calls "folc" cultures into a more Romanized practice of religion.
38.122.17 ac ic wat thaet this folc his nele gelyfan), and in two instances of Psalter Glosses K (Salisbury) Latin in-phrases are rendered by genitives: 77.32 let non crediderunt in mirabilibus eius] & na gelyfdan wundra his and 105.12 let crediderunt in uerbis eius] & gelyfdan worda his (cf.