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FOLHFriends of Lower Hay (Minnesota)
FOLHFriends of Lake Hefner (Oklahoma City, OK)
FOLHFriends of the Library of Hawaii
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The FOLH table stores the product features as well as the descriptors and modifying hedges corresponding to the features mined from the training set of reviews.
In the FOLH table, semantically similar features are clubbed together by human expert to avoid redundancy and to get a more accurate value of occurrence frequency [8].
School Standards Minister David Miliband, Folh Yon Kim, aged 14, and Ben Baker, aged 14, from the Yehudi Menuhin School, Paras Malde, aged 12, from Park High School in Stanmore, pop singer Jamelia, Sophie Gallagher, aged ten, from Salisbury Cathedral School and Arts Minister Estelle Morris, cross the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing