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And this was the main abiding-place of the Folk that I had chanced upon.
On hearing those words I said good-by to the holy folk and went.
However, gentle reader, or simple reader, whichever you may be, lest you should be led to waste your precious time upon these pages, I make so bold as at once to tell you the sort of folk you'll have to meet and put up with, if you and I are to jog on comfortably together.
Country folk went by from the fields as I sat there on the side of the ditch, but I lacked the spirit to give them a good-e'en.
Dame Eliza looked doubtfully at him, as though fearing some other stratagem, but, as he made no demand for ale, she finally brought the paints, and watched him as he smeared on his background, talking the while about the folk round the fire.
Again there was a silence, while Captain Jim kept a passing tryst with visitants Anne and Gilbert could not see--the folks who had sat with him around that fireplace in the vanished years, with mirth and bridal joy shining in eyes long since closed forever under churchyard sod or heaving leagues of sea.
Aye, aye; I know, I know; but I let other folks talk.
Folks have to wait long enough afore it's brought to 'em.
If this judgment is unbiased and correct, and the little folks find this new story "real Ozzy," I shall be very glad indeed that I wrote it.
It was the Sunday after this that Jerry Moore announces to us, wriggling, that he had an engagement to take supper with Jane and her folks.
If ye has a home, ye has folks; an' I hain't had folks since--dad died.
We're just like old friends, what with the same kind of folks behind us.