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FOLKSFriends of Landau-Kleffner Syndrome (UK)
FOLKSFriends of Lake Keowee Society (Seneca, SC)
FOLKSFriends of London Kewl Singles (UK)
FOLKSFollow and Obey all Laws the King Sets (gang-related)
FOLKSFriends of Lake Kegonsa Society (Stoughton, Wisconsin)
FOLKSFriends of Lee Kellogg School (Falls Village, Connecticut)
FOLKSFollowers of Our Lord King Satan (gang)
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"Aye, aye; I know, I know; but I let other folks talk.
It's seldom I see other folks's butter, though there's some on it as one's no need to see--the smell's enough."
And his wife dealt out stockings, and calico shirts, and smock frocks, and comforting drinks to the old folks with the "rheumatiz," and good counsel to all; and kept the coal and clothes' clubs going, for yule-tide, when the bands of mummers came round, dressed out in ribbons and coloured paper caps, and stamped round the Squire's kitchen, repeating in true sing-song vernacular the legend of St.
If this judgment is unbiased and correct, and the little folks find this new story "real Ozzy," I shall be very glad indeed that I wrote it.
'It was the Sunday after this that Jerry Moore announces to us, wriggling, that he had an engagement to take supper with Jane and her folks. He'd have liked to have slipped away secret, but we was keeping him under espionage too crisp for that, so he has to tell us.
Seated round it were a dozen or so folk, of all ages and conditions, who set up such a shout as Alleyne entered that he stood peering at them through the smoke, uncertain what this riotous greeting might portend.
Cornelia divides all the folks in the world into two kinds-- the race that knows Joseph and the race that don't.
This was not a nice boy, and she did not like to be called "silly." Still, he was somebody besides--old folks. Where did you live--before?" she queried.
"We're just like old friends, what with the same kind of folks behind us."
And this was the main abiding-place of the Folk that I had chanced upon.
'God's folk.' It will serve her right, she will be confused, but you will see her 'God's folk.' It's really very curious."
In those days folk still believed in witches and trembled at a curse; and this one, falling so pat, like a wayside omen, to arrest me ere I carried out my purpose, took the pith out of my legs.