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Kevin Folta is a Professor in the Department of Horticultural Sciences at the University of Florida
Some studies have also considered the value of real options in human capital (Bhattacharya and Wright 2005; Brady 2017; Foote and Folta 2002; Musselin 2005; Van Emmerik and Sanders 2004) where the specific characteristics of human capital cannot be immediately assessed.
Kevin Folta 11:30 am-1:30 pm NAFB Foundation Luncheon 12:00 pm-10:00 pm Trade Talk Setup 1:45 pm-3:00 pm Programming Session--Howard G.
While I was speaking with Professor Lofaro, he was quick to praise GMU student Naomi Folta, who built the vehicle on display and raced it in a drag racing competition at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.
By cluster resources, we understand the set of institutional, network, and geographical proximities advantages that can spill over the performance of firms on the national and/or international levels (Delgado, Porter, & Stern, 2010; Giuliani, 2007, 2013; Glaeser & Kerr, 2009; Kukalis, 2010; Maskell, Bathelt, & Malmberg, 2006; Maskell & Malmberg, 1999; McCann & Folta, 2008; Molina-Morales & Martinez-Fernandez, 2004).
Individual exit from entrepreneurship does not suggest failure because entrepreneurs exit both financially distressed and well-performing firms (Gimeno, Folta, Cooper, & Woo, 1997; Wennberg, Wiklund, DeTienne, & Cardon, 2010).
It has drawn attention to the nutritious quality of advertised foods (Kelly et al., 2010; Powell, Schermbeck, Szczypka, Chaloupka, & Braunschweig, 2011; Powell, Szczypka, Chaloupka, & Braunschweig, 2007), the persuasive techniques used in the food ads (Boyland, Harrold, Kirkham, & Halford, 2012; Folta, Goldberg, Economos, Bell, & Meltzer, 2006; Fosu, Wicks, Warren, & Wicks, 2012; Warren, Wicks, LeBlanc Wicks, Fosu, & Chung, 2008), and the most common locales or demographic attributes of the characters appearing in the ads (Gilmore & Jordan, 2012).
Folta and O'Brien analyzed the tension between the option to defer and the option to grow and recognized the nonmonotonic effect [7].
Conversely, a deferral option allows a firm to rely on a "wait and see" strategy by deferring investments until it has more information without foregoing the FFE opportunity (Miller & Folta, 2002).