FOMSFear of Missing Something
FOMSFoundations of Open Media Software
FOMSFlexible Online Management Suite (software; Poland)
FOMSFirst on My Screen (internet chat)
FOMSFour Oaks Middle School (Four Oaks, NC)
FOMSFlight Object Management System
FOMSFrench Organ Music Seminar
FOMSFriends of Mount Sunapee (Georges Mills, New Hampshire)
FOMSFramework Object Management Services
FOMSField Office Maintenance Support
FOMSFuture Operational Microwave Sounder
FOMSField Office Information System
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It is the process required to reuse the Federated Object Model (FOM) by providing a way for the user to combine components easily.
Porem, para florestas de altitude do Sul do Brasil, como a Floresta Ombrofila Mista (FOM), apenas recentemente o tema tem sido abordado (ORIHUELA et al., 2015; PSCHEIDT et al., 2015; SCHAADT; VIBRANS, 2015; FERREIRA et al., 2016), o que justifica pesquisas com este enfoque nesta regiao, considerando a elevada fragmentacao.
Even expanding the universe of auto dealerships that a credit union does business with and markets through in response to an expanding FOM could increase exposure.
The goal therefore should be to maximise the figure of merit (FOM) represented by the ratio
FOM = [absolute value of Re([[mu].sub.eff])/Im([[mu].sub.eff])] (1)
FOMS minutes for the Fed meeting on 20 June will also be published today, which should clarify the views of US policymakers on the economy.
While their key explanatory variables and mechanisms differ] the former approaches have in common a focus on static (but typically long-term) discrete choices, and which consequently may seem to provide limited opportunities for mixing different FOMs. (3)
My first brief moment of doubt comes on page one, when Palmer asserts that "[a]ll of us, every day, know for a lot of the time what other people are thinking." In order to identify "other minds" in specific contexts, I will use some simple shorthand acronyms, say "OMs" for other minds in general, "ROMs" for real other minds, and "FOMs" for fictional other minds.
We therefore suggest to directly incorporate measurements of morphological image characteristics into the FOMs used to evaluate tomographic reconstruction algorithms.
For while Julius' tales do seek to engage with the past, to read them as foms of "writing" in Derrida's expanded sense also allows us to affirm that engagement as precisely not a merely "slavish" one, aiming for an ideal fidelity.
This legislation reveals different foms of social support agendas, as workfare seeks to reduce eligibility, reduce welfare caseloads, and actively direct recipients away from governmental dependence to a position of economic independence through any available work.