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Dynamic Analysis of the FONCS. Most of the dynamic properties of the NCS like the Lyapunov exponents and bifurcation with parameters are preserved in the FONCS [44] if [q.sub.i] > 0.98, where i = x, y, z, and w.
For commensurate FONCS of order q, the system is stable and exhibits chaotic oscillations if [absolute value of ]arg(eig([J.sub.E]))] = [absolute value of arg([[lambda].sub.i])] > q[pi]/2, where [J.sub.E] is the Jacobian matrix at the equilibrium E and [[lambda].sub.i] are the Eigenvalues of the FONCS, where i = 1,2, 3, and 4.
The necessary condition for the FONCS to exhibit chaotic oscillations in the incommensurate case is [pi]/2M - [min.sub.i]([absolute value of arg([lambda]i)]) > 0, where M is the LCM of the fractional orders.
The SDF, the CIA constraint (9) and the FONC with respect to [c.sub.L,t] produces
which is determined by the FONC of [K.sub.t+1] and the envelope condition for [K.sub.t].