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Evaluation of the Information and Communications Technology for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Project Known locally as 'Chipatala Cha Pa Foni' (Health Center by Phone).
A Chord from Muharraq by director Ibrahim Al Dossary spotlights the life of late Bahraini singer Yousif Foni, while three of his other films Light's Fingers, Ashes of the Years and Flower are also being considered.
She said: "I've taken some stick from Paul, who calls Le Volfoni 'Foni the Pony' because he is so small, but we've never lost faith in him.
Many Choctaws were convinced by missionaries to speak English exclusively, to answer to English names, to stop participating in traditional religious ceremonies, including certain burial practices, to stop using the services of the alikchi (Choctaw physicians) and the hattak fullish nipi foni (bone-pickers) who removed flesh from the deceased after they had decayed for months on a scaffold.
(9) After "Dunyang Foni" (identifiable as Brunei) appears the country of "Danzhongbuluo" (Tanjungpura), with its dependency "Luowei" or (in Cantonese) "Loh-wai"; i.e.
Alfredo Foni tries desperately to reach a cross during Italy's World Cup Final win over Hungary and (left and below) celebrations after the victory
Y peth cyson yw cystal gofal a roddir i famau newydd o Foni Ddyffryn Teifi.
A checkpoint boasted a hand-written sign: "Welcome to the Gateway to Hell." A Kamajor boy, 15-year-old Mahomet Foni, guarded the gateway with his pals.
In other stories, the danger is supernatural: either an evil sorcerer or witch (Foni and Fotia; Julio; Quick-Witted; Old Verlooka; and John and Mary), a monster (Qalutaligssuaq), or a bad spirit (The Skull).