FONUSForces for Renovation for Union and Solidarity (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
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A Fonus spokesman said: "It's a fine way for a person who cannot personally attend to show their respect for the deceased.
Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) reintroduced the National Uniformity for Food Act (S 1155), a measure that would require national uniformity for product warnings associated with labeling, advertising or other fonus of public communication by the regulated industry.
Other opposition parties include Union pour la Democratie et le Progres Social (UDPS), Forces du Futur (FDF), Forces Novatrices pour l'Union et la Solidarite (FONUS), Parti Democrate Social Chretien (PDSC), Mouvement Social Democratie et Developpement (MSDD), Mouvement Populaire de la Revolution--Fait Prive (MPR-FP), Union des Nationalistes et des Federalistes Congolais (UNAFEC), and Mouvement National Congolais/Lumumba (MNC/L).