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FONYFirefighters of New York
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The band were unhappy with the lack of promotion it got, quit the label and bought back the rights - renaming it Suck Fony. There's nothing as good as Teenage Dirtbag but but tracks such as Whole Amoeba and Randall show Wheatus made nerd-rock their own and Dynomite Satchel Of Pain is their 15-minute rant.
'We made Suck Fony playing live in the basement of my mother's house.
The sullen master brain that looms over Westminster like a B-movie monster has handled the economy with consummate skill but has been given the slip by 'Fony' like a kipper from Godzilla's hands.
Unfortunately personalities win prizes in modern politics and however capable Bordon may be, the current friction with old pal 'Fony' is doing him no favours in the eyes of press and public alike.
Fony years old, he stood by her side, unashamed when at a press conference in 1993 she revealed her past end his origins.
Musica Reservata, perhaps the most influential (and certainly the most controversial) ensemble that Britain has ever produced in this field, began in London's Hampstead during the 1960s, when record shops were stocked with 'folk' and 'ethnic' music; today the heady perfume of those years can still be caught in Fony Bingham's emporium of rare and unusual musical instruments in that quarter of the city (illus-4).
In particular, the |Trio grotesque' (|Amants aux cheveux gris') addresses the fony of old men taking young wives: