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FOOFDioxygen Difluoride (chemical compound)
FOOFFriends of the Oakland Fox (est. 1998; Oakland, CA)
FOOFFraternal Order of Odd Fellows
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He has been tinkering with the idea for a few years and has now finally teamed up with the people - John Carnell and Andy Banks of Gatesheadbased Foof Productions - with the know-how to realise its potential.
DVD bonus features include "Proof or Foof: Does Gustafer Yellowgold Exist?", "Gustafer Guitar Lessons & How to Draw Gustafer" with Morgan Taylor.
The touring production features the real characters from the TV show: DJ Lance Rock, Muno, Foof, Brobee, Plex and Toodee.
Note that there are Sanskrit parallels where the heron is described as standing 'on its two hind legs, to match the human ascetic's standing on one foof (Bloomfield 1924:206).
Neil Maguinness, portfolio manager at Finance Wales, said The Just Love Foof Company had identified a niche in a growth area of the food market.
Mad, perhaps, but the idea got $30,000 backing from Nokia and software giant Adobe -with Fluid and Gateshead partner Foof Productions set to receive up to 70% of each sale when the game is released on the web next month for pounds 3.
If the foaf namespace refers to then foof:knows is a property defined in the foaf namespace.