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In this study, the finding that the school principals demonstrated high level of leadership behavior regarding the supply and use of educational technologies differs from the findings of other studies carried out by Afshari, Bakar, Luan, Samah and Fooi (2008) and by Yu and Durrington (2006) who concluded that school principals have an average level of proficiency in educational technology applications.
st wa qu fooI i a DOUBLE TAKE: replica of scholar's head It is now kept in a safe - but is taken out and put on show at special exhibitions.
They provide and help in developing skills for educational activities such as searching and assessing information, cooperation, communication, problem solving and lifelong learning which are important for the preparation of students for the knowledge society (Drent and Meelissen, 2008; Afshari, Abu Bakar, Su Luan, Abu Samah and Say Fooi (2009).