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For vengeance, thou vain fool, is all thy foaming; I have divined thee well!
I loathe also this great city, and not only this fool. Here and there-- there is nothing to better, nothing to worsen.
This precept, however, give I unto thee, in parting, thou fool: Where one can no longer love, there should one--PASS BY!--
Thus spake Zarathustra, and passed by the fool and the great city.
But thy fools'-word injureth ME, even when thou art right!
``and I a crazed fool; but, uncle Cedric, and cousin Athelstane, the fool shall decide this controversy for ye, and save ye the trouble of straining courtesies any farther.
My fool's cap was a casque, and my bauble a truncheon.
"Doubtless," said the Philosopher to himself, as he walked away, "the wisdom of fools is no deeper nor truer than ours, but they really do seem to have a more impressive way of imparting it."
One of the two had to be a fool. And, well, you know one can't say that of oneself."
The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April fool jokes often expose their prank by shouting" April fools' at the unfortunate victims.
The research has been outlined in the paper 'Fool's Errand: Looking at April Fools Hoaxes as Disinformation through the Lens of Deception and Humour.'
Fools of old had a special place in the heart of our comic genius, the truly and deeply loved Ken Dodd, whose knowledge of laughter could fill cathedrals and libraries, as well as theatres.