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FOOLSFraternal Order of Leatherheads Society (fraternal order promoting the brotherhood of fire fighters)
FOOLSFraternal Order of Offensive Line Society
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They call thee mine ape, thou foaming fool: but I call thee my grunting- pig,--by thy grunting, thou spoilest even my praise of folly.
For vengeance, thou vain fool, is all thy foaming; I have divined thee well!
I loathe also this great city, and not only this fool. Here and there-- there is nothing to better, nothing to worsen.
This precept, however, give I unto thee, in parting, thou fool: Where one can no longer love, there should one--PASS BY!--
Thus spake Zarathustra, and passed by the fool and the great city.
"That," said the Fool, diligently belabouring the animal, "is what I'm trying to teach this beast - which has kicked me."
``and I a crazed fool; but, uncle Cedric, and cousin Athelstane, the fool shall decide this controversy for ye, and save ye the trouble of straining courtesies any farther.
My fool's cap was a casque, and my bauble a truncheon.
One of the two had to be a fool. And, well, you know one can't say that of oneself."
Aside from April Fools' Day, the custom of setting aside a day for the playing of harmless pranks upon one's neighbour has historically been relatively common in the world.
"April Fools hoaxes are very useful because they provide us with a verifiable body of deceptive texts that give us an opportunity to find out about the linguistic techniques used when an author writes something fictitious disguised as a factual account," said Edward, lead-author of the research.
Fools of old had a special place in the heart of our comic genius, the truly and deeply loved Ken Dodd, whose knowledge of laughter could fill cathedrals and libraries, as well as theatres.