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FOOMFans of Our Music (band)
FOOMFriends Of Ol' Marvel (Marvel Comics fan club)
FOOMFestival of Original Music (songwriting competition; est. 1994; Australia)
FOOMFraternal Order of Moof (gaming clan)
FOOMFunctional and Object Oriented Methodology (computer software)
FOOMFrequency of Occurrence Matrix (aircraft health)
FOOMFormal Object-Oriented Methodology (computing)
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These little percentages of trusting others are due to the great percentages of trusting only people within ones' own community, hese data match those of another study carried out by USAID and FOOM ("Open Society" Foundation Macedonia), according to which youngsters in Kumanovo, generally, have frequent contacts with Macedonians, whereas minimal contacts with Wlachos and Bosnians.
That's absolutely nonsense, as far as I know," said Mr Wijnand Wiegeraadt, secretary general of the Dutch compound feed trade association FOOM.