FOPIFederal Office of Private Insurance (Switzerland; aka BPV, OFAP, UFAP)
FOPIFlux of Pink Indians (band)
FOPIFamily Ov Psychick Individuals (fan group)
FOPIFinding of Public Interest (Virginia Department of Transportation)
FOPIFriends of Parks Inc. (South Australia)
FOPIFrontiers of Perception Institute (Learning Innovations Foundation; Seattle, WA)
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The reproducibility of measurements of the FOPI was tested.
The FOPI (mean [+ or -] standard deviation) in group I was 3.70 [+ or -] 0.99 (95% confidence interval: 3.15 to 4.26), 2.84 [+ or -] 0.69 (95% CI: 2.40 to 3.28) in group II, and 2.77 [+ or -] 0.44 (95% CI: 2.50 to 3.04) in group III (p = 0.004) (Figure 2).
In this paper, a FOPI controller and a well-tuned conventional PI controller are applied to experimental setup of four-wheel skid-steering mobile robot for speed and direction angle control, respectively.
The optimization of the tree parameters [K.sub.p], [K.sub.i] and [lambda] makes designing of FOPI controller more challenging than integer order PI controller.
El es un reportero originalmente de la television y sin embargo no tenia esa soberbia de los reporteros de historias duras que a veces miran por encima del hombro a los periodistas que no trabajan sobre temas de corrupcion y que creen que hacer periodismo narrativo es el triunfo de la estetica sobre la etica" (apud CAF y FOPI, 2006: 165).
La mayoria de los textos de Etiqueta Negra son, desde la perspectiva de Villanueva Chang, la consecuencia de la reflexion entre el autor y el editor (apud CAF y FOPI, 2006: 147).
As there are no liquid markets for insurance liabilities, the market-consistent value of the liabilities ([L.sub.t]) in the context of the SST is derived by adding a model-based market value margin ([MVM.sub.t]) to the best estimate value of the liabilities (see FOPI, 2006): (9)
For the SST, FINMA has set the confidence level to 99 percent, implying an exceedance probability [alpha] of one percent (see FOPI, 2006).
In this paper, we will study fractional order PI (FOPI) controller combined with SLAM in the navigation of humanoid robot because of the limitation of PI controller.
The rest of this paper is organized as follows: the FOPI controller used in the NAO robot navigation control is presented in Section 2, the background knowledge of SLAM and the NAO robot are described in Section 3, and the simulation results and conclusion are given in Sections 4 and 5, respectively
The members of the EPA and FOPI who have worked as custodians of Peel for some time realise all this.
Among them, the results of FOPI Collaboration are given in Figure 1 with the simulated data (the last eight circles) of the IQMD transport code [45] which is based on Quantum Molecular Dynamics [46].