FOPOFort Point National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
FOPOFuture of Peace Operations Program (Henry L. Stimson Center; Washington, DC)
FOPOFollow-on Public Offering (financing)
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(2010), we use the sum of income before extraordinary items (ibc); depreciation and amortization (dpc); deferred taxes (txdc); equity in net loss/earnings (esubc); sale of property, plant, and equipment; and investments minus gain/loss (sppiv) and funds from other operations (fopo).
The start-up companies included MedCheck, NxtLvl Agri, NxtLvl Water, FoPo, OneWatt, Mineski, Twyla and Romi.
You may have heard of that very chic and modern phenomenon FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but I think the realest and most terrifying issue of nowadays life is FOPO (Fear Of Post Office) Yep, gone are the days of the local post office we could nip into for one small envelope and a stamp and oooh, while you're there, I've got to pick up that parcel and have you got any Fruitellas?