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FOPSFalling Object Protective Structure
FOPSFair Organ Preservation Society (UK)
FOPSFlight Operations
FOPSFuture Operations
FOPSFear of Public Speaking (social phobia)
FOPSFinnish One Piece Site (fan site)
FOPSFaculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of British Columbia; Canada)
FOPSFlowery, Outdate, Pretentious, and Stale (from Technical Writing: the Professional's Guide)
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What led her particularly to desire horse-exercise was a visit from Captain Lydgate, the baronet's third son, who, I am sorry to say, was detested by our Tertius of that name as a vapid fop "parting his hair from brow to nape in a despicable fashion" (not followed by Tertius himself), and showing an ignorant security that he knew the proper thing to say on every topic.
It was managed by my old friend Espado; he was the bright-clad fop, whose hook nose got him called the Vulture.
"Does it satisfy you to receive a present of the carcass of that coarse fop? does it gratify you to make him a present of yours?
As the fop contrived to dress his bailiffs in his livery and make them wait on his guests at table, so the chagrins which the bad heart gives off as bubbles, at once take form as ladies and gentlemen in the street, shopmen or bar-keepers in hotels, and threaten or insult whatever is threatenable and insultable in us.
Younger skiers call older skiers many things: "boomers on groomers," "grays on trays," "SPORES from yore" (Stupid Person On Rental Equipment), "bats on slats," and "gramps on planks." But my favorite is the cry, "FOPs on top!"--as in, "Stay off that run because of the FOPs on top!" (FOP, I finally learned, means F***ing Old People.) But as SKI magazine put it: "We've seen the future, and it is us.
Our aim was to pilot test a survey on FOPS with a regional consumer panel before its use with a Canada-wide panel, and to provide preliminary data on the effectiveness of different FOPS formats with respect to helpfulness, how well consumers liked them, influence, credibility, and consumers' ability to understand them.
Within the last 10 years, up to 20 per cent of the business has evolved to include this integrated offering of ROPS and FOPS for the mining and construction industries.
Lucy and her mum Sheryl Hadley are trying to raise cash for research into FOPs and already have hit the pounds 10,000 mark.
In Georgian Bath, fops and dandies paraded and postured around the streets like actors on a stage, as attractions in their own right and as amusement for others, scenes that would be fa miliar to latterday zoku (tribes) in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park, preening and pouting for tourists.