FOQFisica o Quimica (Spanish: Physical or Chemical; TV series)
FOQFixed Order Quantity
FOQFlow Open Quotient
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According to Al Arabiya , "Foq Al Sahab" contained "shocking" scenes where a father buys drugs and invites his son to try them with him.
"Foq Al Sahab" (Above the Clouds) series has Hani Salameh, Stephany Saliba, Ibrahim Nassr, Afaf Sheib, Mona Abdelghani, Nihal Anbar, Shady Alfons and Tony Maher in its cast and it is written by Hassan Dahshan, directed by Raouf Abdelaziz and produced by 'Synergy' company owned by Tamer Morsi.
Assim como a resina PVC, o oleo plastificante (Tabela 3) tambem era adquirido pela sistematica FOQ. Segundo informacoes obtidas na entrevista, estes componentes eram adquiridos por esta sistematica devido as economias de escala geradas por desconto por quantidade comprada.
This act required the FAA to enact several rules, including the new flight, duty and rest limits that took effect in January, the FOQ rule finalized in July 2013, plus the new training requirements for air carriers published in November 2013.
Antenatal screening is offered based on an FOQ and blood results in Wales, and implementation of this is planned in Scotland in 2011.
In one sequence, for example, selected scenes have been taken from Hussein Kamal's 1969 film "Abi foq Al-Shagara," starring Egyptian actors Abdel Halim Hafez and Nadia Lutfi.
His last movie was "Abi Foq al-Shagara" (My Father is on a Tree) in 1969.
Based in Alexandria, the group, a brainchild of fine arts student Aya Tarek, started off in 2008 as a graffiti-art collective known as Foq wa Taht (Above and Below) before it was remodeled and renamed as Alex Street Art last year.
He started his music career with the song "Foq Al Nakhel" (On Top OF Balm Trees).
Items from the Family of Origin Questionnaire (FOQ) were used in this study to measure two of the family of origin factors: father competence and family closeness.
Since 2000 he has been employed as a development engineer in the department of oven-controlled crystal oscillators at FOQ Piezo Technik GmbH, Bad Rappenau, Germany.