FOQFisica o Quimica (Spanish: Physical or Chemical; TV series)
FOQFixed Order Quantity
FOQFlow Open Quotient
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The new FOQ rule requires all first officers or copilots (second in command, SIC) to hold an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, which in turn requires 1,500 hours of total flight time.
The FOQ was adapted by Lewis and Owen (1995) from Shereshefsky and Yarrow (1973) to study the stability of family of origin recollections over time.
Father competence was assessed using one item from the FOQ that asked expectant fathers, "How anxious do you think your father was about fulfilling his role as a father?
Since 2000 he has been employed as a development engineer in the department of oven-controlled crystal oscillators at FOQ Piezo Technik GmbH, Bad Rappenau, Germany.