FORATOMEuropean Atomic Forum (European nuclear industry trade association)
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Despite this, Santiago San Antonio, director of FORATOM, praised the Italian decision as "historic" and proof that a nuclear revival in Europe is gathering momentum.
FORATOM noted that the decision to allow the 466 MW Garona NPP to continue producing electricity only until 2013 was inconsistent with recommendations made by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN).
FORATOM Director-General Santiago San Antonio, himself Spanish, spoke of a "politically motivated" decision.
Whilst welcoming the updated fifth Nuclear Illustrative Programme (PINC), Santiago San Antonio, director-general of FORATOM, the nuclear industry trade association, called for the EC to come up with more concrete measures and a plan of action to promote nuclear energy as a low-carbon energy solution.
Whilst the nuclear industry, notably FORATOM, has been closely involved in the drafting of reports, one industry source complained of the lack of time given to presentations of the working groups' detailed findings.
It also underlines yet again how nuclear energy is a vital component of the EU's energy mix," said FORATOM Director-General Santiago San Antonio.
At the European Nuclear Assembly (ENA) 2008, Santiago San Antonio, director-general of FORATOM, echoed industry talk of a "renaissance" in nuclear energy.
This FORATOM workshop puts the spotlight on the Nuclear Energy Outlook published recently by the OECD/NEA.
Contact: Mark O'Donovan, FORATOM, Rue Belliard 65, 1040 Brussels.
Speaking at the opening session, on 15 April, of the European Nuclear Assembly(1) 2008, organised by the industry association FORATOM, Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs underlined the role of nuclear energy in "the transition towards a low carbon economy".
The European nuclear trade association FORATOM has welcomed an announcement by the UK government that a new generation of nuclear power plants will be built.