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FORCFederation of Regulatory Counsel, Inc
FORCFinancial Options Research Centre (est. 1989; University of Warwick; UK)
FORCFriends of Off Road Cycling (Rock Island, IL)
FORCFederation of Ohio River Cooperatives (natural food warehouse; Columbus, OH)
FORCFederation of Reformed Churches (Uniontown, OH)
FORCFriends of Roman Cats (San Francisco, CA)
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Los diagramas FORC, ligeramente asimetricos en todas las muestras y desplazados hacia la parte inferior del eje horizontal sugieren una fuerte interaccion entre las particulas magneticas.
Only two North Carolina attorneys currently hold membership in FORC.
Force Energy Corporation's shares are publicly traded on the NASDAQ OTCBB under the ticker symbol FORC.