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FORDSFacility Oncology Registry Data Standards
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Ford has already explained the situation," he said with asperity.
Ford, they saw their business manager shaken like an Astrakhan rug.
Ford did not wait, but ransacked his pockets, with the result of sixty cents.
Paul Ford roused himself, came back from the far Western town, and adjusted the sheets of paper under his hand.
They are very quick in these parts," said Ford, turning to Alleyne.
You may take it as it comes," said Ford carelessly.
I would see him in the claws of the devil first," whispered Ford.
Then at last, amid a shout of joy and praise from the bank, they slowly drew clear into more stagnant water, at the instant that a rope, made of a dozen sword-belts linked together by the buckles, was thrown by Ford into their very hands.
One morning it was known that work was stopped at the Devil's Ford Ditch--temporarily only, it was alleged, and many of the old workmen simply had their labor for the present transferred to excavating the river banks, and the collection of vast heaps of "pay gravel.
They missed at first, I fear, the chivalrous and loyal devotion that had only amused them at Devil's Ford, and were the more inclined, I think, to distrust the conscious and more civilized gallantry of the better dressed and more carefully presented men they met.
In less than a week they found themselves regretting--not the new villa on the slope of Devil's Ford, which even in its own bizarre fashion was exceeded by the barbarous ostentation of the villas and private houses around them--but the double cabin under the trees, which now seemed to them almost aristocratic in its grave simplicity and abstention.
He opposed their ready suggestion to return to Devil's Ford with a new and unnecessary inflexibility: he even met their compromise to accompany him to Sacramento with equal decision.