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FORGEFor Ourselves: Reworking Gender Expression (Milwaukee, WI)
FORGEFacilitating Opportunities for Refugee Growth and Empowerment
FORGEFormat Generation
FORGEFellowship of Role Gaming Enthusiasts (Memphis, TN)
FORGEFLAMES Operational Requirements Graphical Editor
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There was a door in the kitchen, communicating with the forge; I unlocked and unbolted that door, and got a file from among Joe's tools.
Go, then, and take the waters of Forges, or any that may be more agreeable to you, and recuperate yourself as quickly as possible.
Instead of taking the waters of Forges, I go and take sea waters; I am free to do so.
Speaking with newsmen, one of the suspects said he had paid N5,000 out of the N10,000 charged by the group to forge a diploma certificate for him.
"I used a friend's CPR to forge a CPR for myself which I then used to rent a car before selling it to a scrapyard.
As part of the agreement, Basilea will apply Forge's proprietary BLACKSMITH platform to develop potent and selective inhibitors against two historically difficult-to-drug, unexploited antibiotic targets.
By tapping into the Forge Platform, the teams were able to communicate project updates, operational successes, and workflow analytics, in real-time.
Who doesn't want to fulfil that ancient need to use flame and muscle power to forge a piece of steel into something quite beautiful."
In the UAE, Virtual Forge is working closely with local CAFM specialists Imsware.
Wood also comes from a renewable resource that we have on our property, and it's inexpensive to obtain--we always have an abundance of wood scraps that are perfect for our forge. It's best to use dry wood that hasn't been treated.
Their paths converge, along with many other people's, at Valley Forge, where General George Washington's Continental Army, a young nation, and the fascinating characters in the book are forced to confront the reality and the aftermath of war, revolution, and freedom as they grow and become the meaning of Valley Forge.