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FORGIVEFinding Ourselves Really Giving Individuals Valuable Energy
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Tell her, I forgive her; tell her I will come-- at the very last."
"Adam...I'm very sorry...I behaved very wrong to you...will you forgive me...before I die?"
"Wilt thou yet forgive me?" she repeated, over and over again.
"I do forgive you, Hester," replied the minister at length, with a deep utterance, out of an abyss of sadness, but no anger.
But do say that you forgive me, Nathalie," he entreated, softening.
Now and then he asked her whether she could possibly forgive him, and she answered, "I have already forgiven you, Henry." She chose her words carefully, and so saved him from panic.
"Does God forgive raskills?--but if He does, He won't be hard wi' me."
"Tom, forgive me--let us always love each other"; and they clung and wept together.
Mr Allworthy himself spoke to the captain in his brother's behalf, and desired to know what offence the doctor had committed; when the hard-hearted villain had the baseness to say that he should never forgive him for the injury which he had endeavoured to do him in his favour; which, he said, he had pumped out of him, and was such a cruelty that it ought not to be forgiven.
"I never shall forgive you," was Jo's stern answer, and from that moment she ignored Amy entirely.
Forgive each other, help each other, and begin again tomorrow."
"Will your ladyship forgive me," she began, in faint, faltering tones, "if I venture on a painful subject?