FORLFusarium Oxysporum F. Sp. Radicis-Lycopersici
FORLFeline Ondoclastic Resorptive Lesion (feline oral malady)
FORLFeline Odontoclastic/Oral Resorptive Lesion(s)
FORLFriends of the Red Line (transportation; California)
FORLFriends of Ruch Library (Oregon)
FORLFriends of Ruislip Lido (UK)
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Fundacao Otorrinolaringologia (FORL) was established in August 1995 and works with institutions that are dedicated to teaching, research and preventive care for ENT diseases.
In dual cultures all Trichoderma show a hgher velocity of growth than that presented by FORL. No statistical differences (p [less than or equal to] 0.05) were shown between native isolates and bio-based formulations; however, in a saline medium with 8 g x [l.sup.-1] NaCl, statistical differences were observed (p [less than or equal to] 0.05) and the native isolates showed more inhibition than that presented by biobased formulates strains on the mycelial growth of FORL.
It's best to have two mops for this method and possibly a squeegee - a rubber strip in a holder on the end of a handle, usually used forl Move all the furniture out of the room, slipping heavy socks over furniture legs to prevent scratching.
FORL have campaigned since the 1980s for the traditional geographical County of Lancashire to be recognised and acknowledged.
See Materials and Methods for abbreviations Body Canonical Canonical dimension variable 1 variable 2 HEAW -0.464 0.065 HEAD 0.143 0.013 SPL -0.013 -0.143 SOL -0.000 0.409 EYEL -0.336 -0.124 PECD 0.738 -0.027 PECW 0.004 -0.153 FORL 0.230 0.336 MANW 0.010 0.053 MECL -0.016 0.406 FDIL 0.199 0.039 HINL -0.034 -0.095 PESW -0.190 0.388 METL 0.036 0.247 HDIL 0.247 0.045 % Variation explained: 56.0 20.7 TABLE 4.
Companies mentioned include HEC, SEV, EVER, EGAS,UP.V, FORL, UHCP, TXLI, SEI.
For a list of these groups, or forl referral to a clinic specializing in tinnitus, write to the American Tinnitus Association, P.O.
Thus, Fusarium oxysporum Schlect f.sp radicis-lycopersici Jarvis and Shomaker (Forl) responsible of Fusarium crown and root rot, is known among soil-borne diseases the most devastating of the tomato crop in the worldwide [10] and one of the most serious fungal diseases and more difficult to control, which is a veritable scourge for this interest economic culture, thereby eliminating these ubiquitous pathogens is not easy because their saprophytic power and their ability to colonize non-host plants allow it to survive in adverse conditions, and they are able to persist in infested soil for more than 10 years in the absence of tomato plant [5].
Chris Dawson, a retired teacher who is chairman of the Friends of Real Lancashire (FORL) said: "We celebrate Lancashire Day every year to remind people that the traditional county remains intact and is not confined to the area run by the present-day county council.
What to look out forl A lump or swelling in your breast or armpit that feels different from the rest of your tissue.
Fusarium oxysporum .f.sp.radicis-lycopersici (FORL) causes the disease crown and root rot of tomato (Jarvis and Shoemaker, 1978).