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FORMATForce Management
FORMATForum for Organic Resource Management and Agricultural Technologies (Kenya)
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For the resources to be accessible, print materials need to be transcribed into an alternate format or produced in a form that is compatible with adaptive or assistive technology.
I suggested two ways: Use the Group command on all the worksheets, so any format action done to one will automatically affect the others, too, or create a template.
But at CEATEC, the "preferred format discussion" continued as Pioneer demonstrated their DVD Forum compliant dual-layer DVD-R burner along with DVD-R9 media.
By 2003, vendors will have had a full year to market this format, so the potential is that a higher number of companies will make the mistake of using image-based reports.
Because most office automation products, such as word processors, spreadsheets, graphics, and database software, produce data files in formats that are proprietary to their vendors, there is an increasing need for these files to be stored in a common standard file format that can be easily created and viewed by the general population.
Electronic publications in PDF format (articles and preprints, e-theses, technical and working papers, conference proceedings, lab notebooks, etc.
Let's say you have a word (or a sentence or paragraph or spreadsheet cell) whose format you'd like to replicate in another part of your document or worksheet.
The concept of data reacquisition leverages the random access functionality of disk-based backup and writes the backup data in full file format--the same format as the primary disk storage--so that the backup data copy can be immediately accessed without the need for a time-consuming restoration process.