FORNSFunctional Osteocartilaginous Reconstruction of the Nasal Septum
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(8.) Forns J, Dadvand P, Foraster M, Alvarez-Pedrerol M, Rivas I, Lopez-Vicente M, et al.
Regarding child maltreatment, which implies forms of physical and psychological abuse and neglect, prevalence rates were 24% in Sweden (Aho et al., 2016), 31% in China (Chan et al., 2011), and ranging between 25.3% and 47.7% in Spain (Forns et al., 2013; Jativa et al., 2014; Pereda et al., 2014).
While HVPG correlated with liver biopsy fibrosis score (r = 0.52, p = 0.04), HVPG demonstrated a better correlation with Forns' Index (r = 0.76, p < 0.001), Fibroindex (r = 0.75, p = 0.001), and APRI (r = 0.59, p = 0.02).
Forns X Ampurdanes S Llovet JM Quinto L Martinez-Bauer E Bruguera M et al.
Forns index comprising (age, cholesterol, GGT and platelets) for significant fibrosis (Scheuer stages 2,3,4) had a PPV of 66%14.
Major finding: Simple platelet counts, the age-platelet index, the APRI, the Fibrolndex, the FibroTest, and the Forns index all were moderately accurate at identifying fibrosis or cirrhosis in adults with HCV.
More recently, Pereda and Forns (2007), in a study carried out with students from the University of Barcelona, reported a prevalence rate of 15.5% of males and 19% of females.
Assim, pode-se dizer que "o conceito de coping permeia os estudos de fatores de risco e protecao e mecanismos de vulnerabilidade e resiliencia" (Zanini & Forns, 2005, p.72), pois para que haja coping, e necessaria a vivencia de uma situacao potencialmente dificil ou estressora que coloque o bem-estar do individuo em risco de tal forma que, dependendo dos recursos disponiveis para este individuo ou fatores de protecao que este possua, apresentara um enfrentamento mais adaptativo e, portanto, resiliente, ou menos adaptativo e, consequentemente desenvolvera uma psicopatologia (Zanini & Forns, 2005).