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FORWARDForum for Rural Welfare and Agricultural Reform for Development (Nepal)
FORWARDFreight Options for Road, Water and Rail for the Dutch (research study; Netherlands)
FORWARDForces Organized, Ready for War, and Able to Rapidly Deploy
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"Won't have you forward!" said Montgomery, in a menacing voice.
Then the right wing swung forward; it in turn was surpassed by the left.
Tarzan, still on his hands and knees just inside the entrance, was taken unaware with the result that he was sprawled forward upon his face and dragged a hundred yards across the rocky ground before Numa was brought to a stand.
More than one leaped into the air and fell forward upon their faces.
In an hour the day broke and the whole force moved cautiously forward, its commander not altogether satisfied with his faith in Private Dunning.
Hunt had suggested, in their present extremity, that it should be killed for food; to which the half-breed flatly refused his assent, and cudgeling the miserable animal forward, pushed on sullenly, with the air of a man doggedly determined to quarrel for his right.
We have moved forward across his earthworks, across which we have so often vainly attempted to move before, through the debris of his abandoned camps, among the graves of his fallen, into the woods beyond.
"Why don't you walk straight forward yourself," said the Son.
I ran forward and had the downhaul of the flying jib all in and fast as we slipped by the boat a hundred feet to leeward.
They accordingly took up their line of march down the course of the Missouri, keeping the main Blackfoot trail, and tramping doggedly forward, without stopping to set a single trap.
An occasional man bent forward, intent upon the pink stockings.
The regimental commander ran forward on each such occasion, fearing to miss a single word of the commander in chief's regarding the regiment.