FOSAPFederation of Small Anthropology Programs
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Both FOSAP and AMASOT have permanent legal status that provide them with autonomy in their functioning, an independent and competitively recruited staff of professionals and viable mechanisms for public-private oversight and control.
Despite difficult country circumstances, and weak Government capacity overall, the other two components were well implemented with very good performances by the implementing agencies, AMASOT and FOSAP. The performance of the PCT was highly satisfactory with regard to management, coordination, and oversight of project implementation, good quality and regular communications with the key actors and implementers of each component, and fulfillment of all fiduciary and reporting requirements of the Bank.
<<Le FOSAP: Cinq Annees d'Appui a la Lutte Contre le SIDA et a la Politique de Population au Tchad.>> Decembre 2000.
In addition to epidemiological technical support, his terms of reference also included the provision of technical/managerial support to the PCT/MoPC in coordinating HIV/AIDS activities and to the social fund entity, FOSAP.
Actual Use of IDA Credit by Disbursement Category (millions of SDR) Initial Reallocation Disbursement Category Allocation (byDCA Actual amendment) (1) Goods: (a) Contraceptives 2.40 0.65 0.64 (b) Other Items 0.50 1.31 1.22 (2) Rehabilitation of Offices 0.01 0.08 0.07 (3) Consultants' Services 1.70 1.93 2.02 (4) Training 0.70 1.40 1.44 (5) Studies 2.70 1.90 2.04 (6) FOSAP Grants 2.70 3.23 3.55 (7) Incremental Operating Costs 1.50 1.90 1.75 (8) Refunding of PPF 0.24 0.24 0.23 (9) Unallocated 1.45 0.05 0 FOSAP microcredits 0 1.17 0.80 Reconciliation of Special Account 0.09 Total (rounded) 13.9 13.9 13.9