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FOSBFront-Opening Shipping Box (container for wafers)
FOSBFriends of St. Bartholomew (UK)
FOSBFriends of St. Botolph (UK)
FOSBFriends of Salmon Bay (Seattle, WA)
FOSBFriends of Sauble Beach (Canada)
FOSBFylde Office Service Bureau (UK)
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Our Air Cushion Packaging for 300mm wafer FOSB allows companies to better manage the entire wafer packing process by reducing dimensional weight by 50 percent, resulting in reduced freight costs.
The 3M Air Cushion Packaging for 300mm wafer FOSB eliminates the need for bubble wrap, which adds excess cost and decreases assembly time.
The establishment of our Automated FOSB Partner Program allows for a working partnership with global leaders, which will enable us to lead the way in providing innovative and workable solutions to the industry," said Patrick McKinney, president of the Entegris semiconductor market segment.
The Entegris Automated FOSB Partner Program was created to ensure optimal compatibility between the automated FIMS FOSB and existing original equipment manufacturer automation products.
Opening a FOSB facility in this region improves and expands our resources to serve 300 mm raw wafer customers and others with products and services to protect and transport their critical materials.
The Full Pitch FOSB is Entegris' latest addition to its comprehensive 300 mm wafer shipping offering comprised of the 300 mm Crystalpak (R) and the FabFit (TM) Reduced Pitch FOSB.
Entegris is demonstrating the new FOSB door at the SEMICON West exhibition in San Francisco, Calif.
For example, the patent-pending HWS300 minimizes storage space at back-end and front-end facilities, and offers a savings of up to 70 percent in transportation costs compared to FOSB shipping methods.
The Entegris 300 mm product line includes a breadth of solutions and services including: the Crystalpak(R) shipper, FabFit(TM) Reduced Pitch FOSB, Single Wafer Shippers, CAPSil(R) 13 Capacity FOUP, F300 AutoPod(TM) 25 Capacity FOUP, Cleaning Systems, Finished Wafer Handling Solutions, Reuse and Recycle systems and several 300 Open Cassettes and Process Enhancement Cassettes.
This order is an important win for Entegris Global Services cleaning systems, advancing the FX30 as the industry standard for 300 mm FOUP and FOSB cleaning," said Michael Wright, president of Entegris' microelectronics group.
The Entegris Process One FX30 Cleaning System is specifically engineered for the unique geometry of 300 mm FOUPs and FOSBs.