FOSDFeature-Oriented Software-Development
FOSDFarz Organization for Sustainable Development (Pakistan)
FOSDField Operations and Support Division
FOSDFederal Office for Spatial Development (Switzerland)
FOSDFlrst Order Stochastic Dominance (banking)
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where [mathematical expression not reproducible] are the states of system (18), [[bar.[micro]].sub.0] and [bar.[micro]].sub.1] are the designed parameters of FOSD, and l(t) is an input function.
Note that the FOSD is used to estimate unknown item [r.sub.v].
In order to avoid the tedious computation of [[alpha].sub.1], the following FOSD is adopted to estimate it:
where [mathematical expression not reproducible] are the states of FOSD (32) and [[mu].sub.10] and [[mu].sub.11] are the positive design constants.
where [[tau].sub.1] is the estimation error of the FOSD with [[tau].sub.1] [less than or equal to] [bar.[tau]].sub.1].
As done previously, the following FOSD is employed to estimate [[??].sub.3]:
Consider the altitude subsystem (8) with Assumptions 5 and 6; if the switching adaptive neural prescribed performance control scheme is selected as (30), (35), (42), and (47), adaptive laws are selected as (37) and (49), and FOSD is selected as (32), (39), and (44), the signals [mathematical expression not reproducible] in the closed-loop system are bounded.
These encouraging data provided the rationale for the first phase 1/2 clinical trials with R406, using fostamatinib disodium (R788; FosD), a prodrug of R406 available in an oral formulation, in patients with relapsed or refractory Bcell non-Hodgkin lymphomas (Figure).
Among patients with de novo DLBCL treated with FosD, the overall response rate was 24%, a result that suggests differential sensitivity among DLBCLs to inhibition of BCR signaling.
But because [S.sub.j](.) is increasing, and because an increase in [e.sub.i] induces a first order stochastically dominating (FOSD) distribution of output, it is easy to show that ([partial] [[[integral of].sup.[infinity]].sub.0] [S.sub.i](f(a))m(a; e)da/[partial][e.sub.i]) [greater than] 0, unless [S.sub.j] is identically equal to zero, in which case there is a contradiction for agent j.