FOSIMFoundation Open Society Institute Macedonia
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FOSIM allows us to simulate traffic for a much larger spatial and temporal coverage.
Our experiments are conducted with the microscopic simulation program FOSIM. The results are thus influenced by the use of this simulation environment.
Knoppers, "FOSIM 5.1 Gebruikershandleiding (Users Manual)," Tech.
The non-governmental organization Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia (FOSIM) is one of those who appealed against the law before the Constitutional Court.
The Foundation Open Society Institute Macedonia (FOSIM) is still the main financial supporter of opposition SDSM, Vecer says.
The protest was backed by Vladimir Milcin from FOSIM, SDSM presidential candidate Ljubomir Frckoski, mayor Trifun Kostovski, Stojan Andov from LP, and architect Miroslav Grcev.