FOTCFlight of the Conchords (New Zealand folk duo; HBO series)
FOTCFathers of the Church
FOTCForce Over-the-Horizon Track Coordinator
FOTCFriends of the Children (various locations)
FOTCFulfillment of the Contract (gaming)
FOTCFriend of the Court (court ordered child support)
FOTCFlags Of The Confederacy
FOTCFreedom of the City
FOTCFire of the Carolinas (Elon University Marching Band)
FOTCFriends of Turkey Creek (Florida)
FOTCFiber Optic TOW Cable
FOTCFleet OTH Targeting Coordinator
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To show the differences between the FEM-DDMs using FOTC, SOTC TE, SOTC-Full-J, and SOTC-Full-En for modeling an EM problem, we first consider an air box with mesh size of [lambda]/20 and the eigenvalue distributions using different TCs are shown in Fig.
8, SOTC-Full-J and SOTC-Full-En have better iterative convergence than FOTC and SOTC-TE obviously.
The accuracy of DDM, the time and memory cost of FEM, DDM with FOTC, SOTC-TE, SOTC-Full-J and SOTC-Full-En are given in Table 1.
Since the iterative convergence is much worse for FOTC and SOTC-TE in this case, we just give the time and memory cost of
(3.) Ambrose, De sacramentis 3.10 (SC 25bis:66; FOTC 44:272): "Ne forte aliqui dixerit: Hoc est totum?
9.50 (SC 25bis:184; FOTC 44:23): "Forte dicas: Aliud uideo, quomodo tu mihi adseris quod Christ corpus accipiam?"
(FOTC 61, 64; Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 1969-70).
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(24.) "I delayed until the present occasion, calculating that after what you saw on that night I should find you a readier audience now when I am to be your guide to the brighter and more fragrant meadows of this paradise" (MC 1.1; SC 126:82, 84; FOTC 64:153 [modified]).