FOTEFriends of the Elderly (various locations)
FOTEFriends of the Environment (Australia)
FOTEFollow-On Operational Test and Evaluation (usually abbreviated FOT&E)
FOTEFriends of Threatened Ecosystems (Threatened Ecosystems Network)
FOTEFollow-On Test and Evaluation
FOTEFleet Operational Test and Evaluation
FOTEFinal Operational Test & Evaluation
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Technavio's analysts forecast the global FOTE market to grow at a CAGR of 4.
North Tyneside FOTE chairman, Steve Manchee, said: "There are a lot of issues which really do question this technology being green.
Apart from this, the ripple effects of the global economic downturn were felt in the European FOTE market.
Yesterday Newcastle-Gateshead FOTE spokesman John Broderick said the airport was sending out a message that the North-East was not positive about the environmental and economic benefits of wind energy generation.
The intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM) is one of the many sources of EXFO s continuous success in the FOTE market; using patent-pending Link-Aware technology, this unique OTDR-based application removes all complexity from traditional OTDR testing by launching multipulse acquisitions, automating parameter settings, analyzing the results and presenting clear pass/fail verdicts, illustrated with colored icons.
CHARLIE FOTE is chairman and CEO of First Data Corp.