FOTLFear of the Lord (Christian expression)
FOTLFocus on Teaching and Learning (Loyola University Chicago; Chicago, IL)
FOTLFruit of the Loom (clothing company)
FOTLFeet of the Lynx (gaming)
FOTLFuture of the Left (Welsh Band)
FOTLFriends of the Library
FOTLFat Of The Land (Prodigy music album)
FOTLForms of Old Testament Literature
FOTLfield operations team leader
FOTLFollow On To Lance (Missile System)
FOTLFirestarters of the Land (gaming clan)
FOTLFlat on Top Left (configuration)
FOTLFirst Over the Line
FOTLFriends of the Lake, Inc. (Bridgewater, CT; est. 2003)
FOTLFreeman on the Land
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Q: It's unusual in that all of the members of FOTL have been in other bands before.
A KM: The other two members of FOTL were in McClusky.
The shaping of the commentary conforms to the requirements of FOTL and focuses on the text's structure.
The Army specifications do, however, call for the FOTL to be identifiable by Soviet <<technical means of verification>> (i.e.
As this article went to press, the US Army was scheduled to issue Requests For Proposals (RFPs) on FOTL to industry.
Recognizing the political sensitivity of the Follow-on To Lance programme, at least two of the major US companies expected to bid for it had no FOTL exhibit, and refused to discuss it.
As part of the FOTL series, the stated goal of which is "the presentation and interpretation of the structure of each identified text before everything else" (p.
Among these faults is the examination of the Masoretic text as the primary--or even sole--witness to the "present book of Hosea." To be sure, the choice not to engage in a thorough text-critical study of the book of Hosea is that of the editors of the FOTL series (p.
Certainly, one wonders how the editors of FOTL will handle the forthcoming commentary on Jeremiah, in which fully one-sixth of the MT is missing in the LXX, and the remainder in a different order.
The Forms of the Old Testament Literature (FOTL) is a series begun in 1981 that applies form-critical methods and insights to texts from the Hebrew Bible.
Thus, to the extent that the works in the FOTL series typically serve as a minicommentary, this is a very useful one, showing sober judgment.
17: "This is a theological endeavor; it is not history-writing.") Also, unlike the most other FOTL volumes, the bibliography is very selective, so the volume may not be used to determine all the latest literature on any unit in Samuel.