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With the release of the new 'Design' feature, Fotor has successfully integrated a photo editing platform with an online graphic designer, empowering everyone with an internet connection the ability to create customized graphics, templates and advertisements.
What else does Fotor have in store in its new version?
Fotor's new website is destined to change the way image design and photo processing is perceived.
Fotor offers more tools and features than any competitor.
Professional photographers will discover that Fotor has innovated an assortment of high-end tools, including HDR styles; HDR (high dynamic range) involves the merging of three photos taken at different shutter speeds to achieve more life-like imagery.
Developers can make Fotor's full suite of editing tools available to end users both locally and online.
For developers interested in both providing users with exceptional tools as well as adding a revenue stream, Fotor provides a profit-sharing opportunity through the in-app store option to sell stickers, borders, filters and custom content.
Fotor is a product of Everimaging, a software company in the internet era, dedicated to developing the world's best photo editing tools of every stripe.
The flood of positive reviews from Fotor's millions of users convinced the team of the marketability of an SDK for fellow developers.
While David's vision has been the essential in establishing of Fotor's dynamic nature, it has been the harmonious synergy between different creative forces which have tempered this finely crafted software platform.
The 'vision' (Android) and 'Events'(iOS) features are open spaces where users can post and view photographs from both professional and amateur photographers, as well as interacting with Fotor directly through participation in the official competitions and activities.
"As our competitions become increasing well known, we decided we should seek out the cooperation of professional photographers to maximize the quality of images and creativity of our user base" David explains, "...we at Fotor like to set the bar high".