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FOTPFocus on the Positive
FOTPFriend of the President
FOTPFinger on the Pulse (Brooklyn, NY)
FOTPFlight of the Phoenix
FOTPFriends of the Parks (Chicago, Illinois)
FOTPFreedom of the Press
FOTPFiber Optic Test Procedure
FOTPFather of the Pride
FOTPFarce of the Penguins (film)
FOTPFear of the Park (UK's wintersports freestyle website)
FOTPFriends of the Program
FOTPFlop of the Pops (pop music forum)
FOTPFraternal Order of Transit Police (Philadelphia, PA)
FOTPFiber Optic Telephone (remote communications carrier)
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Details on the terms of the tentative contract will be announced at a later date, after the FOTP has the opportunity to discuss the agreement with its members.
The Ministry of Petroleum also failed because impurities in oil were far beyond the permissible level, which has blown the FOTP's requirement out of proportion.
The size of the FOTP was realized when the plant had already been inaugurated by the Prime Minister, to import more equipments was /-to take another three months to arrive.
The size of the FOTP was only realized after the plant had already been inaugurated.
El perfil BTP agrupo a 16 sujetos, correspondiendo al 34.8 % (n = 46), 62.5 % hombres (n = 16) y 37.5 % mujeres (n = 16); el perfil negativo (NTP) incluyo 14 sujetos correspondientes al 30.4 % (n = 46), 42.9 % hombres (n = 14) y 57.1 % mujeres (n = 14); el perfil FOTP agrupo 16 sujetos siendo un 34.8 % (n = 46), con 31.3 % de hombres (n = 16) y 68.8 % de mujeres (n = 16).
Con esto, en la figura 1 se muestra los mejores puntajes en salud segun perfil, los cuales se ordenarian como sigue: Para Funcion Fisica, BTP, FOTP y NTP; Rol Fisico, FOTP, BTP y NTP; Dolor Corporal, BTP, FOTP y NTP; Salud General, BTP FOTP y NTP; Salud Mental, BTP, FOTP y NTP; Por ultimo, en sumario Salud Fisica, FOTP BTP y NTP.
At the time of this report, a fiber-optic test procedure (FOTP) titled, "Amplitude response measurement of narrow-band, passive fiber optic components," was being written by the Telecommunication Industry Association (TIA) FO-6.3.5 Subcommittee on Fiber Optic Interconnecting Devices.
It needs furnace oil treatment plant (FOTP) and everyone in the system knows it.