FOTRFellowship Of The Ring
FOTRFriends of the Rubicon (Rubicon Trail of California)
FOTRFiddler on the Roof (musical)
FOTRFamilies on the Road (recreational vehicle enthusiasts)
FOTRFriends of Trinity River (California)
FOTRFriends of Old-Time Radio
FOTRFriends of the Revolution (band)
FOTRFlat on Top Right (configuration)
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FOTR seeks to address this issue by bringing young creative artists together and organising them into communal units of production where they can concentrate on putting their talent to practice, as we handle the production bit on their behalf.
Managerial decisions concerning a Arm's future strategy must respect the circumstances of entrepreneurial development that are usually formulated within strategic scenarios (Fotr et al., 2010; 2015).
The most powerful opponents of Sauron make up "the Council of the Wise" or "the White Council" (FOTR 72; Lobdell 52).
Identification of key risk factors and determination of their importance by using risk assessment matrix is very important if risk management is used as a strategic tool (Vacik, Fotr, Spacek, & Soucek, 2014).
In fact, the issue is not so complex, it is only necessary to have sufficient evidence and information about the environment which is to be assessed (Hnilica & Fotr, 2009).
In particular, FotR highlights Bilbo, Frodo, and Aragorn in contact with the sacred Story, suggesting that they understand the creative power that song had/has in the world of Middle-earth, and that they are in the process of glimpsing a link between their own songs and the sacred song/Story.
The problem is solved from another perspective--optimization in general, see in (Fotr, Plevny, Svecova, & Vacik, 2013).
The literature supports the view that advanced technology projects, such as ICT, should be appraised by the more sophisticated DCF financial models, see for example, Pike [37] or Fotr et al.