FOTTFog on the Tyne (Lindisfarne album)
FOTTFacio Orale Trakt Therapie (German: Facio-Oral Tract Therapy; medicine)
FOTTFollow On To TOW
FOTTForo Observatorio Tanger-Tarifa (Spanish: Tanger-Tarifa Forum Center; human rights forum; Madrid, Spain)
FOTTFinger On The Trigger (movie)
FOTTFacial Oral Tract Therapy
FOTTFriends of the Theatre (various locations)
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A FOTT (Revisited) was a number two hit for the lad with Lindisfarne in 1990.
paradoxum Chodat & Topali, and the Chlorophycean species Polyedropsis bitridens, Acanthosphaera zachariasii Lemmermann, Echinosphaeridium quadrisetum Behre, Quadricoccus laevis Fott, Scenedesmus magnus Meyen, S.
The results of many analyses were condensed (Fott et al., 1996; Fott, 1999; Fott, 2002) into the following formula, which is satisfactory for Czech brown coals (lignite) and hard coals:
Deke McClelland and Galen Fott's Photoshop Elements 4 One-On-One (0596100981, $34.95) is the next best thing to personal lessons with author expert Deke McClelland, an expert on digital imaging.
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David Fott: John Dewey: America's Philosopher of Democracy.
Taxonomic identifications were made from several sources including Prescott (1962), Venne (1967), Janus (1976), Anton and Duthie (1981), Komarek and Fott (1983), Starmach (1985), Krammer and Lange-Bertalot (1986-1991), Anagnostidis and Komarek (1988), Komarek and Anagnostidis (1989), Compere (1989), and the photographic collection of the Canadian Museum of Nature.