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"There was a lot of time spent in meetings and having conversations but I'm glad it's finished now and we can foucs on football."
As such, other rebel fighters are now able to foucs on Al Qathafi's hometown of Sirte, his last major bastion of support.
Martonyi noted that the foucs of Hungary's EU Presidency will be on
Eat a mostly plant-based diet with a foucs on healthy fats and generous use of culinary herbs and spices.
After that, the force is expected to shrink to about 50,000 by the end of August 2010, and foucs on training and supporting the ISF.
Figure 1 Coordination--Three aspects to the meaning of coordination: Terms, Components, and Consumer Roles THE MEANING OF COORDINATION TO CONSUMERS TERMS COMPONENTS CONSUMER ROLES * Provider Actions * Communication * Communicate - Teamwork - Between providers - Cooperation - With consumers * Monitor - Connection * Knowledge * Care Processes - About procedures * Prepare - Continuity - About consumes - Timeliness * Consumer Foucs * Manage - Involve consumer - Individual approach
Perhaps this transformation was a way to underscore the increased importance of the scripture as the Guru during the period of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and immediately afterward (rather than foucs upon the Panth or Sikh community as the eternal Guru, a theological doctrine not politically appropriate in a monarchical state) by noting the supreme sacrifice of the one Guru who had been, according to tradition, the principal author and compiler of the Guru Granth Sahib.
In at-risk communities, classroom activities should center around a "play theme concept" because pre-school children are usually not mature enough to foucs on structured cognitive tasks for long periods of time.
The heterogeneity of older Amerians has only recently begun to receive significanty attention as the foucs of empirical studies.(20) From these findings, however, several policy and marketing implications emerge.
Dialing the microscope to foucs on successive plates up and down the stack, one sees the spray of particles coming at one's face like spears in a 3-D movie--as Heckman puts it, "right into your eyeball.'
The State Department contends that its present foucs on supercomputer access is part of a routine national-security review.