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FOUOFor Official Use Only
FOUOFire of Unknown Origin (Blue Oyster Cult album)
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My TACCO (tactical coordinator, the senior NFO on board) saw fumes building in the tube and initiated the FOUO checklist.
I is FOUO; however, all information used in this article is Unclassified) [hereafter cited as Gross, ANG History: 19951997]; and Colonel Franke, ANGRC/CD, "Point Paper on ANG Counterdrug Interdiction Activities," (15 March 1994), on file as SD II-20 in Gross, ANG History: 19951997.
Under TRADOC, the Engineer School has a site that has general "For Official Use Only (FOUO)" information and has files for staffing and collaboration between the Engineer School directorates and leaders of the Regiment.
(24.) See TRADOC PAM 525 (Draft), United States Army Transformation Campaign Plan (FOUO), 22 June 2001.
(1.) AMC, Air Mobility Strategic Plan 2000, Vol 1, Commander's Intent, Oct 99, 1(FOUO) (information extracted is not FOUO).
The October 15, 1985 edition of AR 530-1 is unrestricted while the May 1, 1991, replacement edition is marked "For Official Use Only (FOUO).
DON policy is to digitally sign and encrypt all email containing information that is For Official Use Only (FOUO), which includes PII.
They bolted out of their seats and began to search for the source in accordance with NATOPS procedure for a fire of unknown origin (FOUO).
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