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FOUPFriends of University Park (UK)
FOUPFront Opening Unified Pod
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But there's a big opportunity to add automation to existing 200 mm equipment-with the use of Standard Mechanical Interface (SMIF) pods, which are similar in concept to the FOUPs used with 300 mm wafers.
By adding a FOUP loader and moving the Helios NanoLab 1200AT near-line, we can deliver first results many times faster than the hours or days typical when working with wafer pieces in a laboratory outside the fab.
In addition to the automatic FOUP loader (AFL), the system takes full advantage of FEI's recent advances in DualBeam technology.
To control such capital investment, in recent years, automated transport systems that deliver semiconductor substrates (wafers) to completely sealed pods (FOUP) and shift the wafers between semiconductor production equipment have become the mainstream production method.
- FOUP: A semiconductor wafer delivery pod standardized by SEMI, an industry organization for semiconductor production equipment makers.
During integrated circuit fabrication, a robotic arm extends into the FOUP to lift out each of the wafers for processing.
Thus Lexan L11911R reportedly helps ensure the cleanliness levels required in wafer-handling operations, making it suitable for use in 300-mm front-opening unified pods (FOUPs), which are "mini" clean environments used for processing wafers; and also in front-opening shipping boxes (FOSBs), which protect bare 300-mm silicon wafers from contamination, shock, and vibration during shipping; and 150/200-mm wafer-shipping boxes.
For Rousseau to concede anything would be like swallowing poison to an intransigent man, whose fingerprints have been all over most of the recent foups in West Indies cricket including the infamous Test that never was earlier this year in his own island of Jamaica.
Such satire is hitting painfully close to home for Greece's security forces, involved in a series of high-profile foups including last week's fatal shooting of a Serbian teenager mistakenly identified as a purse snatcher.
Scotland captain Colin Montgomerie, battle-hardened veteran of previous Dunhill Cup foups against Paraguay and India, warned of the threat presented by China's emergence as a golfing nation.
Enter Bruce Willis and his team of roughnecks, exactly the sort of wiseguys, womanisers, drinkers, foups, ex-cons an d nutballs you'd stake the future of all life on Earth on.