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FOUSFlash of Unstyled Content (website design)
FOUSFort Union Trading Post National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
FOUSFederación Obrera de Unidad Sindical (Spanish: United Workers Trade Federation)
FOUSForecast Output United States
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Table 1 Tests of equality between coefficients at different quantiles in Tables 5-7 Dependent variable: log Labour Productivity Variables: FO MNED_LDC MNED_Both FOUS FOEurope FOOther Quantiles: 10-25 0.
En particular, el error que se tiene al calcular el centroide en hardware a resolucion de 16 bits, respecto al calculo en una plataforma como MATLAB[R] con M = 16, al y n = 16 bits con FOUS de naturaleza gaussiana, esta entre 2.