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FOVField Of View
FOVForces of Valor (replicas; various locations)
FOVFloaters Only Vitrectomy (eyes)
FOVField Of Vision
FOVFinding Our Voices
FOVFormat Options Valid
FOVFocus on the Victim (New Jersey)
FOVFist of Vengeance (gaming)
FOVFuture of Voice (International Telecommunication Union)
FOVFamily Of Vehicles
FOVFreight on Value (shipping)
FOVFindings of Violation (US EPA)
FOVForward Observer Vehicle
FOVFlight Operations Version
FOVFiber Optic Vehicle
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Incidentally, non-critical ER isn't long or short; it's forgiving to yield a full FOV if your eye isn't the optimal distance from the lens.
AR HUDs provide a wider FoV and also offer a larger eye box, which is the area where the driver's head and/or eyes have to be in order to see the virtual image.
However, it should be noted that the fast sample throughput demands of inline systems typically limits image acquisition to a small number for the PCT model per FOV, which limits detail, and potentially analysis quality, compared to an offline system where more time and images can be taken.
The CBCT systems available in the market are different from each other in terms of the patient position during imaging (lying, standing, or sitting), sensor type, FOV, X-ray source, and imaging software (12).
Because X-ray source moves along a scanning trajectory, the distance from the source to an arbitrary point in the FOV varies.
Ratnoo and Ghose [12, 13] proposed a two-phased variable navigation gain PN guidance law for intercepting stationary and moving (nonmaneuvering) targets with all possible impact angles, but not considering the FOV limitation.
[2] come up with a novel recognition algorithm for double FOV star sensors.
Types of DECT scanners available in the market Dual source DECT Vendor Siemens (Siemens Healthcare) FOV Limited due to the FOV of the second tube/ 26 cm - first generation.
the same sensing radius, the same field-of-view (Fov) angle, etc.
Sakroiliak eklem MRG teknigi: Aksiyal T1A FSE (repetition time [TR]: 520 msec., echo time [TE]: 15 msec., matriks: 320x256, FOV: 220x220mm, NEX:2, FA:90[degrees], kesit kalinligi:4mm).
The size of the field of view (FOV) describes the scan volume of CBCT scanning machines and depends on the size of the detector, its shape, beam projection geometry and possibilities of beam focusing, which may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.
In the majority of previous studies, the BFV was measured using the 20-degree FOV [11-17] while other studies used the 35-degree FOV [18-21].