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FOVField Of View
FOVForces of Valor (replicas; various locations)
FOVFloaters Only Vitrectomy (eyes)
FOVField Of Vision
FOVFinding Our Voices
FOVFormat Options Valid
FOVFocus on the Victim (New Jersey)
FOVFist of Vengeance (gaming)
FOVFuture of Voice (International Telecommunication Union)
FOVFamily Of Vehicles
FOVFindings of Violation (US EPA)
FOVForward Observer Vehicle
FOVFlight Operations Version
FOVFiber Optic Vehicle
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If the selected voxel size is minimal, devices with large FOV have reduced image resolution compared with intraoral radiographs or with images recorded on small FOV CBCT devices with inherently small size of voxels [4].
22,23) The effective dose of CBCT is affected by the FOV size, sensitivity of the digital detector, exposure beam type, electric potential power in the x-ray tube, beam geometry and number of rotations around the object to be imaged.
Digital FOV, LLC is a Georgia based start-up that manufacturers Digital Crosshair, a rifle scope clip on that converts a standard scope into a day or IR night vision scope.
Adopting a 4-point start position leads to a lowering of the FOV (by 0.
In addition, it had not been possible to a cover a wide FOV that would enable the monitoring of a complete intersection.
Generally, the anti-aliasing FOV along [xi] or [eta] axis could be expressed as
PTSD and TBI can drain a hero and family like nothing most people can imagine," said FOV Founder and President Director Brannan Vines.
One example of how FOV could save you money is its extensive range of Rauch German-made bedroom furniture, at its Aintree store.
PA systems scan the FOV electronically, therefore they could achieve higher imaging rate.
However, this geometry provides a considerable deviation of isoflux radiation in a wide FOV angle range.
Next, we had to transform FOV of each sensor from spherical coordinate system into Cartesian coordinates.
A simpler definition of FOV is the area seen through the vision system.