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FOVEAField Of View Emissivity Area
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--Pronotal carina not very strongly raised in front of fovea. Body usually with more yellow markings ...
The nasal and temporal CT values at 1, 2, and 3 mm distances from the fovea and the mean subfoveal CT did not demonstrate significant differences before and after H.
Most of studies are done in older population or in children above 11-12 years, results show that myopia is associated with relatively increased thickness of fovea, decreased volume of macula and decreased parafoveal macular thickness.
The stimulus array was positioned on the retina at approximately 45[degrees] and centered on the fovea. Recordings were collected in sixteen segments of approximately 25 seconds.
The fovea has the highest density of cones and therefore has an increased metabolic demand [20].
Laser energy was carefully shot onto the anterior surface and inferior margin of the haemorrhage away from the fovea and two openings were made.
Lee, "Thicknesses of the fovea and retinal nerve fiber layer in amblyopic and normal eyes in children," Korean Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
"Nearly centered on the visual axis of the human eye is the shallow depression in the retina known as the fovea....
* Book Signing (2-4 p.m.) Eldorado Memorial Library; Mike Phelps signing his new book, "The Fovea Effect: Musings of a Creature."
The central area of the retina, known as the fovea, is best at seeing colour and small details; the area surrounding the fovea is best at picking up shadows and shadings of black and white.
His previous positions include serving as CEO of Danube Pharmaceuticals, CMO of Fovea Pharmaceuticals, and vice president of Medical Affairs and Strategy at Eyetech.