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FOVEAField Of View Emissivity Area
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While saccades and fixational eye movements enable vision to be redirected to project and focus an object onto the fovea, another type of eye movement called a smooth pursuit allows for the object to be tracked and maintained on the fovea if and when it moves around within the environment.
8,9,10) Similarly, in our second case, SD-OCT revealed marked schisis cavities in the fovea of both eyes, especially in the inner nuclear layer, with fewer cysts in the outer plexiform and outer nuclear layers.
Al-Alousi7 found that vibrating line was at the level of fovea in about 50.
Retinal oedema that is one disc area or larger, any part of which is within one disc diameter of the center of fovea.
Complete closure (defined as no neurosensory defect at the fovea on SD-OCT) was observed in all eyes 2 weeks after surgery (although the tissue filling the original MH appeared more likely to be sheets of inverted ILM flap), followed by a gradual microstructural reconstruction afterward marked by partial restoration of the back-reflection lines representing the external limiting membrane (ELM) and ellipsoid zone (EZ) on SD-OCT [Figure 1].
Secondly, the fovea is packed with a majority of red-sensitive cones.
Ophthalmoscopic examination may reveal granular pigmentary changes in the form of bull's-eye maculopathy with a circle of RPE atrophy surrounding the central fovea.
Now War is about to rage across Fovea, and the greedy Eldadorian government is at the center of it.
4A) con una fovea y una emarginacion en forma de "U" en la region posteromedia (Clark 1990).
9) In 1962, Keros studied 450 skulls and described 3 types of olfactory fossas which are formed by cribriform plate and the fovea ethmoidalis.
Diagnosis: La especie se distingue por la siguiente combinacion de caracteres: hipomero carinado, porcion inflexa del elitro sin fovea basal, alas metatoracicas reducidas y no funcionales, pigidio sin lobulo medial, parameros truncados, cuerpo brillante con sedas cortas y escleritos del saco interno caracteristicos.