FOVSFiber Optic Voltage Sensor
FOVSFriends of Valley Spur (Michigan)
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One, the Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer (IRIS), measured radiation from 5.0 to 25 [micro]m in roughly 320 narrow spectral channels within a field of view (FOV) of roughly 95 km using a modified Michelson interferometer.
Compared with Figure 9, the results improved substantially for the different FOVs.
In fused images from double FOVs, we use virtual ant colony to create the shortest traversal path which links the chosen stars.
Repeated measures analysis of variance (Re-ANOVA) was used to test the variation, and post hoc tests were used to test pair-wise differences of BFVs between FOVs and zones.
The FOV when using any of the medium-to-long FL lenses is independent of the hole size through which the lens views, providing the hole produces no tunneling.
Spatial integration is performed by collocation of the 6 km (at nadir) IASI field-of-view (FOV) with the respective TRMM 0.25[degrees] grid boxes and averaging over the spatial fraction of TRMM grid boxes within the IASI FOV.
In the global coordinate system, the coordinate vector of any point P in the FOV is expressed as
It can be achieved by iteratively tracing chief rays on axis FOV (Field of View) at a serial of wavelengths.
This is because the time required for target matching in different FOVs using hue histogram is dependent on the number of neighboring nodes.