FOWAFuture of Web Applications (conference)
FOWAFlorida Outdoor Writers Association
FOWAFort Washington Park (US National Park Service)
FOWAFlorida Onsite Wastewater Association (previously Florida Septic Tank Association)
FOWAFederation of Ogoni Women's Associations
FOWAFuel, Oil, Water, Air (preventive maintenance diagnosis of Komatsu equipment)
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The fuzzy ordered weighted averaging operator, denoted by FOWA, is the mapping FOWA : [??][([R.sup.+]).sup.n] [right arrow] [??]([R.sup.+]), which has an associated weighting vector ([w.sub.1], ..., [w.sub.n]), such that
The first step is calculation of the aggregated and weighted severities of the consequences that arise from the realization of each RF by using FOWA operator [30]:
But FOWA's five started to impose its will and played steadier in the second canto led by the all-around play of former MVP Ralphy Tablang, Noli Rentoria and Johnson Ritualo and kept a comfortable lead, 44-36 at the turn.
Fuzzy ordered weighted averaging (FOWA) operator and its application, Fuzzy Systems and Mathematics 17(4): 67-72.
Carson Systems' events, which include the well-known Future of Web Applications (FOWA), Future of Web Design (FOWD), and Future of Mobility (FOM) series, have featured renowned speakers including CEO Tony Hsieh, O'Reilly Media founder Tim O'Reilly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Digg founder Kevin Rose.
Carsona[euro](tm)s events include the Future of Web Applications (FOWA), Future of Web Design (FOWD) and Future of Mobility (FOM) series.Country: , UKSector: Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: Carson Systems LtdBuyer: Wellesley Information Services (WIS)Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
The Federation of Ogoni Womenas Organizations (FOWA) comprised a cross-tribal membership, and began protesting via the Federationas member groups.
They're our customers, along with consumers and merchants," Bedier said during an interview at an outside cafE[umlaut] in Miami Beach's Lincoln Road promenade.<p>He was in town to address a crowd of developers at the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference at the nearby Colony Theater.
Ergo, a man is only a man because a fowa exists too.
Okagbare, who was said to have made the call at a dinner organised for the Europe wing executive members of Friends of Waziri Atiku (FOWA) in Oslo, Norway, urged every member of FOWA in Europe to galvanise support for Atiku ahead of 2019.
The campaign will take place in Fowa and Sidi Ghazi districts on December 6 and 7.
The aggregated values of the fuzzy pairwise matrix of the relative importance of criteria are calculated by using Fuzzy Averaging Ordered Method (FOWA) [30].