FOWEFriends of West Essex (New Jersey)
FOWEFrysk Oekumenysk Wurkferbân Earnewâld (Dutch: Frisian Ecumenical Committee Earnewald; The Netherlands)
FOWEFrysk Oekumenysk Wurkferbân Earnewâld (The Netherlands)
FOWEFirst-Order Wave Equation
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From henceforth, I propose that 'man' in the sense of 'mankind' be known as 'mannam', thereby reflecting the juxtaposition of male and fowe, while keeping the word 'man' in there to appease the hardliners and adding a maternal context from the Greek word for mother, 'manna'.
The mosaic was made by Janet O'Donoghue, Jenny Gadsen, Janet Peers, Debbie Jeffs, Kath Clements, Dorris Fox, Doreen Lyne and Ken Fowe with help from volunteers Mavis Deeming and Amy Nicol.
"We had four people hit with gunshot wounds, and one of them died," Steve Fowes, mayor of Bawai, told MSNBC News.