FOWTFloating Offshore Wind Turbine (energy)
FOWTFriends of World Teaching-Nursing (jobs abroad)
FOWTFriends of Williamson's Tunnels (UK)
FOWTFriends of Wimbledon Theatre (UK)
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The block diagram of DAC controller for FOWT is shown in Figure 1.
And Section 4.2.1 describes a method to overcome influence caused by the wave disturbance on FOWT using model predictive control.
Since the wind disturbance has larger influence on the FOWT, the value of [C.sub.1] will increase or [C.sub.1] will decrease.
In summary, compared to the baseline pitch controller, the new individual controller has a better performance in reducing fatigue loads caused by wind and wave disturbances and therefore is more suitable for FOWT.
Dave Head, a trustee of FoWT, said: "This whole site is a very important part of Liverpool's heritage.
FoWT said the survey had also uncovered some foundations of former stable buildings.
This was attended by the families of two founder FOWT members, Steve Moran and Frank Hodges, who sadly died shortly before the work at Paddington was complete.
Chris said: "Getting this far represents a major achievement for FoWT and all our hard-working diggers, who give up their time each week.
He added: "The Duke of Westminster first visited the tunnels in May 2001 when he became patron to FOWT and we were delighted to welcome him back for a return visit."
| ||TUNNEL VISION: The Duke is given a tour of the Williamson tunnels and, below left, receives a bust of Joseph Williamson from FOWT chairman Gordon Hunter